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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Camp Fire First Texas is comprised of volunteers whose responsibility to the council is for policy, administration, strategic planning, financial stability, and support of Camp Fire's programs. The board has approximately 30 members who are elected at the annual meeting for three-year terms, with one-third of the board being elected each year. The Executive Committee of the board is made up of a Chairman, Vice Chair of Administration, Vice Chair of Planning, Vice Chair of Financial Development, Treasurer, Secretary, and up to three members of the board appointed by the Chairman who are at-large members of the Committee. Each board member also serves on a Strategic Plan Task Force. These task forces review and monitor progress toward achieving council strategic goals, recommending adjustments to the goals as necessary. The task force members work closely with staff to assist in solving problems and identifying barriers related to the council's strategic plan.

2013 Board Members

Chairman of the Board
Brandon L. Chase

Vice Chairman, Administration
Lauri Curtis Hadobas

Vice Chairman, Financial Development
Barbara B. Cook

Vice Chairman, Planning
Judd Pritchard

Nancy Hooper

George W. Bean, Jr.


Jerri O. Akers
Heidi Coombs
Kimberly DeWoody
Gary L. Douglas
John S. Elliott
Dolores Garza
Marilyn Gilbert
Michele Hahnfeld
Terry Haney
Dan Hansen
Nina Hutton
Brant C. Martin
Gloria V. Martinez
Bill McCoy
Tod M. Miller
John Molyneaux
Chuck Mooney, III
Cheryl Moore
Steven W. Novak
Evelyn H. Richardson
Jenene Schaffer
Chuck Sheridan
Linda Springer
John Strong
Monica M. Thomas-Bonnick
Lynda Tiedtke
Jared G. Vitemb
Kay L. West
Lori West
Drenda Williams Witt

Foundation Board

Daly R. Bales, Jr.
Kenneth Barr
Kevin Garman
Nina Hutton
Melissa Kirtley
Barry Richardson
Patricia Vaughan

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