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Melissa Villegas
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Step Up School Completion Program

Camp Fire’s Step Up program is designed to provide services to families with High School students who are either truant or are in danger of becoming truant.

In small group sessions, Step Up staff provide individualized attention to students, helping them identify and resolve the issues that are causing them to be truant. Staff also make bi-monthly visits to the homes of these students, working with their parents to help strengthen the family connections. By working proactively, Step Up staff are able to keep these young people in school and moving toward becoming responsible, productive citizens focused on academic success.

The Step Up program has helped more than 150 youth stay in school and work towards a brighter academic future.

This program currently serves North Side and Diamond Hill High Schools.

Teens In Action

Teens in Action is Camp Fire First Texas’s youth empowerment through service-learning program. Adult mentors partner with teens to nurture skills and opportunities to directly impact issues and concerns teens have regarding their own lives, community, and the world in which they live.

With guidance, teens learn about leadership development, citizenship, service and involvement in governance. Teens identify a concern in their area, develop strategies to address the concern, and then plan and implement a series of service projects to carry out those strategies. Through the program, teens not only learn how to advocate and make a positive impact in their communities, but they also learn skills valuable for life-long service.

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